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Jensen Ackles Gives Falcon Realness, Brando Eaton Is a Dirty Boy, Tom Bianchi Shoots Andrew Keenan-Bolger: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Matthew Mitcham works up a sweat, RJ Mitte hangs with Colton, first look at Black Panther in "Captain America Civil War"

RJ Mitte is a child star who managed to grow up smoking hot. He’s holding his own against Colton Haynes in this picture

I thought werewolves had pointy teeth?

Joshua Tree at sunset is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I’ve been there

Steve Grand celebrates the closing of Pride season

Matthew Mitcham is working up a sweat in rehearsal

The Kiehl’s LifeRide ride carries on, despite weather that’s beating his hot hunks of men

A sexy man lounging in a muscle cars is like a gay porn from Falcon in 1982

I wonder how much we’ll see Cameron with William this winter?

I’d love to find out just how dirty Brando is

A first peek at the Black Panther

She did invite him to join her squad

Did Tom Bianchi shoot all of Broadway this summer?

Drag queens and their pets. The St. Bernard surprised me

I’ve had this same reaction when a guy unzipped his pants

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