Gregg Sulkin Airs His Furry Nipples, Sitting On Chris Colfer’s Lap, River Viiperi Goes Sexy Camping: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Jensen Ackles saves the elephants, Ricky Martin raises his left hand, Cazwell's hot bear shirt too much for Delta Airlines

It really takes something for Neil Patrick Harris not to be the most expressive one in an Instagram

But what about Lachlan? And who gets Louis?

Well, if you could sit on Chris Colfer’s lap, wouldn’t you?

I don’t know where these gyms with no dress codes are located, but I want a membership

Yesterday was Left Handers Day, and Ricky Martin celebrated

As did a shirtless Trevor Donovan

While Gregg Sulkin and his furry chest harken back to more peaceful days

Now I don’t think this shirt is too risque to fly in, but sometimes you err on the side of caution. I’m not going to Kroger wearing my Cellblock 13 shirts

Evidently River has been exiled for being too beautiful

Although Gareth’s time in isolation seems to have made him tougher

Captain Lance gets Jensen to bump his campaign for elephants

Nathan Heads home the way I have so many times, missing some of my clothing

Remember when Calvin Klein billboards in New York City used to cause controversy? I wonder if anyone even blinks at this?

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