17 Unapologetically Gay T-Shirts We Must Have This Summer

These tees deserve to be out of the closet.

Pride may be over but don’t pack up your gay apparel just yet. There’s still plenty of warm-weather months to show off in styles that celebrate our community—from gay icons to political statements, sex-positive messages to playful puns.

Swish Embassy

Here are some great options when you want to wear your heart on your sleeve—or your chest.

  1. Liza Reshisht

    Resist with a “Z,” baby! Summon your inner Liza for a march, a parade, or just a night at the cabaret. ($19.99, Teespring)

  2. Sissy That Lift

    Gym inspiration. ($34.95, Swish Embassy)

  3. George Michael

    Philip Normal

    Pay your respects to the late, great pop star. ($30, Philip Normal)

  4. Collared

    Gengoroh Tagame

    Massive Goods partnered with iconic bondage illustrator Gengoroh Tagame on a tee from his latest English-language manga, The Contracts of the Fall, about Genryu, a once-great pro wrestler now indebted to a sadistic gangster.


    Available in gray or pink. ($28, Massive Goods)

  5. Alt Masc

    Swish Embassy

    Poke fun at “alternative facts” and masc4masc culture in one fabulous swoop. ($29.95, Swish Embassy)

  6. Mariahntoinette

    Philip Normal

    I don’t know her. ($30, Philip Normal)

  7. Power Bottom

    Philip Normal

    By your power (bottoms) combined! ($23, Philip Normal)

  8. Baby Slut

    Channel your inner peenot noir with this tee made famous on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt. ($18.59, Etsy)
  9. Woofman

    Look Human

    Woof! ($19.99, Look Human)

  10. Just The Tip

    That’s what they all say. ($29.95, Swish Embassy)

  11. Love Is Love

    Top USA Shirts

    Heroine chic ($24.95, We The People 5)

  12. Jock Sniffer

    Designed by artist Antonie Sketches, this is a shirt that just begs to be scratch-and-sniff ($30, Philip Normal)

  13. Come To Daddy

    Tom of Finland

    This limited-edition collaboration between Tom of Finland and Nicopanda was designed by ashion editor (And Gaga collaborator) Nicola Formichetti. If the price tag hurts, know that a portion of it goes to the Tom of Finland Foundation. ($150, Tom of Finland)

  14. Champ

    How about a little lucha love? ($19.99, Threadless)

  15. #DomTop

    Swish Embassy

    The new hanky code. ($29.95, Swish Embassy)

  16. Move, I’m Gay

    Come out to the world and let them know to get the hell out of your way.

    ($19.99, Look Human)

  17. Grrr, Woof And Shit

    You’re a bear but, like, you’re not insane about it. ($25.95, Gruff Pup)

Adam Salandra is a writer, performer and host in Los Angeles. When he's not covering the latest in pop culture, you can find him playing with his French Bulldog puppy or hovering over the table of food at any social gathering.