10 Gay Tweets To Help You Cope With January


Here’s a thought to make January more bearable: February is worse. Heh!

Yikes. We’re in dire need of comedy this month, and here are 10 gay tweets (and an extra one from me) designed to make this month lovable. I also tacked on a tweet from Patton Oswalt about Neneh Cherry that sent me into Drugstore Cowboy-type convulsions.

1. Richard Lawson jokes by not joking at all.

2. Chris Schleicher values the least important meal of the day.


3. Matt Whitaker needs a moment.

4. Sean Brewster is the hero of January.


5. Braden Graeber isn’t living in 4-D.

6. I guess you’d call Cole Escola “Nia-Conservative.”


7. Guy Branum believes R. Kelly will do what he wants with your body in the new year.

8. I lived through five flight cancellations yesterday and you have to hear about it.


9. Zackary Ross knows where to find some herbal fruitcake.

10. Justin Root bites the ear off of homophobia.


11. Carey O’Donnell believes Bruno Mars is locked out of heaven due to AARP regulations.

And finally, for the hell of it: the finest Neneh Cherry tweet we have from a straight superstar.