10 Images This Insane Gaga/Xtina Photo Calls To Mind


I’m still coping with Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera’s fantastic duet of “Do What U Want” on The Voice’s finale last night. Harder yet is coping with this image, a shocking moment of zany intimacy (?) between the two shock-blonde divas. Look at it. LOOK AT IT! It’s so bizarre that I can only try to write down all of the images this calls to mind. Here are 10.

1. If Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks joined ABBA

2. Two Goldfinger minions reenacting the last Station of the Cross

3. Lost Candy Land duo The Butterscotch Nymphs

4. Antarctica’s version of The Miracle Worker

5. A sculpture of a JWOWW/Snooki brawl rendered in coconut shavings

6. A NASA-engineered Dynasty remake (Picture a gorgeous fountain in the background — except the water is flying everywhere because there’s no gravity)

7. Adult JonBenet Ramsey putting Janice from the Muppet band in a full nelson

8. A deleted scene from Burlesque in which Christina Aguilera decides to cryogenically freeze Cher herself.

9. 68-year-old Miranda Hobbes weeping about Steve’s impotence to 77-year-old Samantha Jones

10. A photonegative of Smurfette’s first lesbian encounter with Smurftina.