10 Reasons To Follow Lindsay Lohan On Instagram: PHOTOS

It’s been almost two months since love-her-or-hate-her Lindsay Lohan (we choose to love) appeared in The Canyons and wrapped 90 days in court-mandated rehab. Back in the swing of public life (we are still loving her guest spot on Chelsea Lately), LiLo could finally be getting her act—and her career—together.

And, hey, having Oprah ride your ass is a great motivation.

Lohan was a pioneer in celebrity social media, and she’s been Instagramming up a storm lately. After browsing more than a hundred recent photos, and some great throwbacks, we’ve picked out ten that show why you need to follow this girl.

Photos: Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram

10. She looks gorgeous!

2. She makes inanimate objects look sexy


9. She loves ice cream!

“Yummy in my tummy. Love UK snacks”


7. Her commentary is so fetch!

“Charlie Chaplin is missing his coat and cap! Nyc”

“#youcantsitwithus so I stand….”

6. She shows Throwback Thursday love 

5. She’s her own best paparazzo

4. She takes us along on her trips

3. She has fun with Mac’s Photobooth


2. She still parties, but not as cray cray (or at least she doesn’t Instagram the evidence)

“#karaoke is the best!”

“[Purple Magazine] #olivier #nyfw #paulsbabygrand #purplediary”

1. This photo