10 Reasons To Follow Ian McKellen On Instagram: PHOTOS

Did you know Sir Ian McKellen has joined us on Instagram? You must’ve seen the photo of him, Sir Patrick Stewart and Elmo in Times Square by now, but there is oh so much more to love.

We’ve picked out 10 reasons to follow Gandalf’ on the photo-sharing site, lifted from both his personal account and the account for Broadway’s Two Plays In Rep, starring bromantic Brits McKellen and Stewart.

1. He gives us fabulous throwbacks


“While filming #xmen 2 in Vancouver in 2002”

“Waiting for Gandalf. New Zealand 2002”

2. He provides great commentary

“Magneto returns the Golden Gate Bridge. August 2013”

3. He captures rainbows

4. He makes colorful fashion choices

5. The travel photos


In Yosemite, “Sierra filter of course”

6. This photo.

7. More bestie photos (plus a new hashtag to follow: #gogodididonyc)

8. He’s got famous friends

“With John Waters and Rena Bransten after first night of No Man’s Land @BerkeleyRep #twoplaysinrep”

“With Armistead Maupin and Annette Bening on my birthday, 25 May 1997.”

9. He’s got a naughty sense of humor

“The mother of the forest”

10. He’s, like, the best friend ever.