10 SCOTUS Tweets We Love

It’s been a big day of tension, activism, anticipation, and scorching Facebook redness on this blessed day of SCOTUS review. Here are 10 tweets from gays, non-gays, comics, and non-comics that help push our conversation along in a fun way.


Braden Graeber takes us back to the glorious beginning of heterosexual marriage.

Chris Schleicher channels Scalia, which is a dangerous game.

Michael Martin proves that we’re already winners in this great fight.

Jami Smith can be the bigger woman about this whole thing.

Louis Peitzman proposes proposals.

Tess Rafferty pulls the pin and tosses the grenade at the worst hypocrites of all.  

Guy Branum helps us direct our thank-yous to the right justice.

Dave Holmes reminds us that the heart of this issue is cat-eating. 

Ugh, I have something to say.

All I can say: Frank Conniff, thank you for this dead-on, hair-raisingly sweet tweet.

Rob Delaney reminds me of a product I’m marketing to Evanglical Christians: “Bag O’ Hate!”

Finally, Jesse Tyler Ferguson contextualizes this issue in a way I understand: Oscar-worthiness.