10 Actors Who Got Superhumanly Buff For Their Superhero Movies

How does Hugh Jackman get so jacked?

Movie theaters are inundated with superhero flicks these days, which means a constant barrage of buff bodies on the screen. But how exactly do movie stars achieve those other-worldly physiques?

YouTube/ Sony Pictures Entertainment

While most celebrities have the help of trainers to stay consistently fit, actors like Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill had to endure workout regimens that are unimaginably intense in order to transform into heroes fit to save the world.

Legendary Pictures/ DC Entertainment

The actors also face grueling diets to prepare for their roles, although no two plans are the same. Hugh Jackman reportedly ate nothing but unsalted chicken and vegetables for months at a time to prepare for The Wolverine, while Chris Hemsworth scarfed 6,000 calories a day to transform into Thor. compiled a list of 10 stars who had to sacrifice and sweat like super humans to achieve those god-like results, and you can learn more about how they made it happen in the video below.

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