10 Things You Can Believe You’ll See in Every Single “Queer Eye” Episode

The Fab Five are back March 15.

The basic premise of Queer Eye hasn’t changed much since the original series ended over a decade ago. The difference this time around is that Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby, and Jonathan all bring some much-needed humanity to the reboot. Through genuine care and the occasional Kelly Clarkson reference, the team transforms their subjects on a deeper level.

We’re now three seasons in and the scope of Queer Eye has widened to include lesbians, straight women, and trans people. However, we’re also starting to see some repetition sneak in to the point where even casual fans know exactly what to expect now in each episode.

Does that really matter though? We didn’t think so either. Join us as we celebrate ten of the moments you’re guaranteed to see when season 3 drops on Netflix on March 15, avocados be damned.

  1. Awkward Yet Cute Dance Interludes

    Queer Eye

    It’s not really an episode of Queer Eye until Bobby throws his hat in the air and Antoni does an adorable little fist pump mid-dance.

  2. Tan’s World-Famous French Tucks

    Queer Eye Tan France

    Not only do you look better than ever when you fold part of your shirt into your pants or skirt, but on a good day, French tucks have also been known to cure acne and clear student debt.

  3. Karamo’s Heart-to-Hearts

    Queer Eye

    Karamo works wonders within his ill-defined “culture expert” role by creating elaborate situations designed to build up a subject’s confidence while forcing us to ugly cry over our laptops and wipe snot from the screen.

  4. Jonathan’s Yasss Inducing Boosters

    Queer Eye

    Jesus apparently loves everyone, so it’s only fitting that gay Jesus does the same. Even before he pulls his beard trimmer out and gets to work, JVN always sees the hotness in everyone and his flirtatious compliments act as a wonderful means to boost the confidence of his subjects.

  5. Antoni’s Puppy Dog Eyes

    Queer Eye Antoni

    Whether he’s serving up avocados or randomly working out in the gym, Antoni’s big round eyes will distract you to the point where the whole show melts away and it feels like it’s just you and him alone together and—excuse me, I need a minute.

  6. Bobby’s Eternal Struggle for Appreciation

    Queer Eye Bobby

    Much like Posh Spice, Bobby doesn’t always receive the recognition he deserves in a group environment, but unlike her, he actually puts the work in all while bending the laws of time and space. Seriously though, how does he renovate those houses so quickly?

  7. JVN Representing for the Femme Guys Out There

    Queer Eye

    In every episode, Jonathan confidently struts forward and smashes heteronormativity with nothing more than a casual hair flip and his gender-bending wardrobe. Not every gay man passes as straight and he makes it okay to not want to.

  8. An Eye-Opening Conversation

    Queer Eye

    In its first episode, Tan explained that their “fight is for acceptance,” but this has to start with the individual first. Through talks with the Fab Five, each subject learns that self-care isn’t just about facial masks and manicures, because if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

  9. Antoni and Tan Getting All Handsy

    Queer Eye

    I’m not jealous. Not one bit. No siree.

  10. Endless Streams of Tears

    Queer Eye

    There’s something beautiful about the way Queer Eye sets out to upgrade people without changing their core. By helping their subjects shine brighter than before, the Fab Five also help the viewer by providing hope and a good old-fashioned cry at a time when the world needs it most.

David is a British journalist who loves horror, superheroes and queer cinema, which is why he regularly pesters Xavier Dolan to direct an adaptation of Marvel Zombies.