More Than 100 Pride Events Were Canceled Due to Coronavirus

“Right now we must all be focusing first on our own well-being and the welfare of those around us.”

It’s time to get creative about showing your pride this year. More than 100 Pride celebrations across the globe have been canceled or postponed as the novel coronavirus continues to spread.

On Friday, InterPride and the European Pride Organisers Association announced a new group to coordinate the Pride movement’s international response to the coronavirus.

“As we face an unprecedented global threat, our Pride movement will come together to support each other and create community at a time when we need it most,” said Linda DeMarco, co-president of InterPride in a statement.

A smattering of Pride events in the United States have already been canceled or postponed. Los Angeles pride, typically a weekend-long festival and parade in mid-June, has been put on hold as the city grapples with the growing pandemic. Smaller cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, have axed this year’s festivities altogether.

Kristine Garina, president of European Pride Organisers Association, said in a statement to the media that while the cancelations were heartbreaking, organizers were determined to continue on in the future.

“Right now we must all be focusing first on our own wellbeing and the welfare of those around us, but we are passionate about Pride and we will work together, and do all we can, to help Pride organizers get through this,” Garina said. “Every Pride organizer in the world has a story of someone whose life was changed by coming to a Pride, a story of someone who for the first time felt love and a sense of community.”

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Kate Sosin is an award-winning, trans-identified news and investigative reporter.