Watch 100 Years Of Men’s Underwear

Hey there, 1936!

Many of us experienced our sexual awakening by flipping through the underwear pages of a department store catalogue as a kid, so when and Mode released a video about the evolution of men’s underwear, we were all in.

Model John King takes us on a tantalizing journey of the past century as he tries on 100-years worth of undergarments.


Looking at these ultra-conservative long johns, we want to teleport back to the early 1900s to tell the men that when it comes to their underwear, It Gets Better.


Half the fun is in watching King’s hair styles and facial hair evolve along with the fashion. (The other half is watching him strip out of his underwear a dozen times.)


By the end, it’s clear that we’ve really made progress over the years. Travel back in time with the evolution of undies below.


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