Watch This 104-Year-Old Man Explain Why He Wants His Gay Grandson To Be Able To Get Married

"Having lived through 104 years, you accept people as they are," says Alex in a new PSA for Australia's marriage-equality campaign.

Younger generations embrace marriage equality far more readily, but one elderly Aussie gentleman is embracing same-sex in a big way: Alex, an 104-year-old man whose grandson Paul is gay, appears in a new PSA, urging his fellow Australians to vote “Yes” in the final days before the marriage equality ballot closes on November 7.

In the spot, Paul reveals that when his mother initially told his granddad he was gay, Alex was immediately accepting, saying, “I knew since the boy was 16.”


Paul sent his grandfather an email asking how he planned to vote. Alex responded right away: “Dear Paul, the answer is YES!”

“Having lived through 104 years,” he continues, “you accept people as they are.” Before his wife, Betty, died in 2009, Alex says they enjoyed a happy marriage for 45 years—something he wants for his grandson, too.


“I can’t understand what all the fuss and commotion is about,” Alex says. We couldn’t agree more—watch the heartwarming video below.

A final tally is expected to be announced November 15. Once results are in, Parliament will still have to vote on marriage-equality legislation. Polls suggest a “Yes” vote is likely, but older Australians are more apt to vote “No.”

In addition, anti-gay politicians have plans to add up to 100 amendments aimed at undermining any same-sex marriage bill.

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