“13 Reasons Why” Fans Are Pissed About “Traumatic” Series Finale Twist

"I call bullshit on this storyline."


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has always been pretty queer. Multiple characters came out over the series’ four seasons, and there are out actors in the cast including Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn. But fans of 13 Reasons Why are not happy with the show for the way it handled the fate of one of the series’ most popular characters, Justin Foley (Flynn).

From coming out to becoming a heroin addict and going to rehab, Justin has gone through a lot over the course of the show, but in the series finale, it was revealed that Justin is dying from AIDS *checks calendar* in 2020.

It turns out he became positive due to his drug use and prostitution while homeless, but he was never tested. If this sounds like a plot from Queer as Folk 20 years ago, that’s because it was.

Fans who have stuck with 13 Reasons Why feel betrayed by the way the show’s writers treated Justin, and they let their feelings be known on Twitter. With multiple people flagging how HIV/AIDS isn’t a death sentence in the 21st century, and how it takes years for HIV to progress to AIDS.

Scroll through below to see just some of the enraged reactions from Twitter:

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