14-Year-Old Trans Activist Kyler Prescott Commits Suicide


Earlier this month, 14-year-old Kyler Prescott—a pianist, poet, student, and trans activist—took his own life. He is reportedly the third transgender youth to commit suicide in the San Diego area since March.

By all accounts Prescott came from a supportive family—his parents even offered to remove old family photos of him from before he transitioned.

“”Some teens when they come out, they come out and that’s it. Other teens tend to flow between the genders,”  noted family friend Kathie Moehlig. “He chose male pronouns, but was completely comfortable with the family still having all the pictures up of his childhood. Because in Kyler’s world a guy can wear a dress.”

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He did struggle in certain aspects of his life, particularly with being misgendered and going through the changes associated with puberty, but the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reports that “overall, Prescott was met with acceptance and approval.”

Prescott was an activist from an early age, advocating for better treatment of animals and marriage equality. He was also a vital part of several LGBT youth groups in the San Diego area. His suicide is the 11th reported this year among trans youth in this country, a trend some are calling an epidemic.

A Go Fund Me page has been created to help the Prescott family cover the costs of Kyler’s funeral. Additional funds will go toward the Kyler Prescott Courage Garden, to honor Kyler’s love of bees.

h/t San Diego Gay and Lesbian News