17 Male Stars Who Have Gone Blond—Did They Have More Fun?

adam levine tom brady

Adam Levine and Tom Brady recently debuted new blond looks—Levine on The Voice and Brady at the Met Costume Institute gala. But do blondes really have more fun? We take a look at some A-list actors who have lightened their locks, either for a role or just for the hell of it.

 james franco

James Franco
Around the time he was doing press for 2013’s Oz the Great and Powerful, James Franco gave his auburn tresses a makeover. Powerful? sure. Great? you be the judge.


Ryan Reynolds
In 2009’s Paper Man, Blake Lively’s better half plays imaginary superhero Captain Excellent. With those shocking yellow locks, he must get his power from the sun.

bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper
Cooper has gone blond at various points in his career, usually successfully (like in the photo above left). But his orange dreadlocks in 2012’s Hit and Run (above right) were hideous—intentionally so, we pray.

Benedict Cumberbatch
To play the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2013’s The Fifth Estate, pale English actor Benedict Cumberbatch  wore a platinum blond wig. It was not a good look.

jared leto 2

Jared Leto
The Thirty Seconds to Mars front man has dyed his coif so many times—starting with 1999’s Fight Club—we’re surprised he has any hair left.


Javier Bardem
Penelope Cruz’s babydaddy hit the peroxide hard to play Bond villain Raoul Silva in 2012’s Skyfall. Sure, the guy was a cyberterrorist and psychopath, but his hair was the true crime against humanity.

Colin Farrell
An Irishman with bleach-blond hair as Greek emperor Alexander The Great? Seems like an odd way to go, but it was enough to turn on Jared Leto’s Hephaistion, in 2004’s Alexander.

Tom Cruise
Before there was Twilight there was 1994’s Interview with a Vampire, which saw Tom Cruise go blond as omnisexual bloodsucker Lestat.


Sasha Baron Cohen
To portray a vulgar gay fashionista in 2009’s Bruno, Cohen opted for a summery Justin Bieber hairdon’t.

Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr
Both actors went blonde for 2008’s Tropic Thunder—except for the part of the movie Downey was in blackface. (It’s not as racist as it sounds.)

Joshua Jackson
We first encountered the future Dawson’s Creek studlet as Blaine Tuttle, the blond boarding-school twink blackmailing a closeted jock in 1999’s Cruel Intentions.

Freddie Prinze Jr
Sarah Michelle Gellar was a no-brainer to play Daphne in the live-action Scooby-Doo movies. Shoehorning her Latino husband in as blond all-American Fred Jones was less successful. (Where did Prinze’s eyebrows go, anyway?)

nicholas cage

Nicolas Cage
For 2011’s Drive Angry, Nicolas Cage went blond—and looked like a tool.


Wesley Snipes
Speaking of looking like a tool, check out Snipes in 1993’s Demolition Man.


Peter Facinelli
For his role in the Twilight saga, Facinelli took a page from Tom Cruise and went ash blond as Dr. Carlisle Cullen.


Guy Pearce
There were a multitude of mysteries revealed in 2001’s Memento, but we never did find out why Pearce was sporting a blond buzzcut.



Chris Tucker
1997’s The Fifth Element is an underrated sci-fi gem for many reasons—one of which is Chris Tucker as the flamboyant and fabulous Ruby Rhod.