15 Funny Gay Guys You Should Follow On Twitter, In Honor of April Fools Day

Here’s a secret: Twitter is great. It puts you in constant contact with people who deserve (and sometimes earn) attention for being insightful, funny, and even sincere when the occasion calls for it.

I’m sick of “Best Of” Twitter lists featuring celebrities who aren’t even that funny, so here are 15 gays of varying fame degrees who are routinely hilarious, rarely unlovable, and always out.


1. Bradley Stern takes a break from blogging pop music to help you survive this horrible holiday.

2. Solomon Georgio understands the bottom-line truth of marriage equality.

3. Nick Stadler: arguably the most reliable Twitter tweeter. 

4. Justin Martindale hits Seacrest right where it hurts (nowhere, since he is without feelings). 

5. Sean Brewster brings us all back to our roots.

6. Chris Schleicher is fighting and riding for equality.

7. Peter Taggart has the latest scoop on those Biblical bedfellows.

8. Carey O’Donnell writes the Anna Karenina tagline we’ve been craving.

9. John Early’s Laura Dern withdrawal is getting grim.

10. Joe Dosch’s version of insulin shots scares me.

11. Dave Holmes blesses Pope Francis with the truth.

12. Drew Droege’s feelings (and the landslide) have got him down.

13. Guy Branum supports the entrepreneurial efforts of WeHo’s finest.

14. James Adomian helps us remember that “Supreme Court” is short for “Supervillain Colosseum.”

15. Sam Lansky chills and spritzes us all. 

Which gays are you following? Embed them below!