20 Costumes That Prove Gay Men Do Halloween Better Than Celebrities

#13 FTW

While celebs like Heidi Klum and Justin Bieber certainly give good Halloween, nobody does it quite like the gays.

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We don’t need big budgets or teams of hair and make-up to slay the game when the category is Halloween. This is, after all, a home game for us – and we came to win.

While the majority of our straight brethren gave it a noble try, gay men everywhere were taking the holiday seriously and turning. it. out.

Below, 20 costumes that prove Halloween is no joke to us gays.

  1. Jake Simpson as Psychotic Ronald McDonald

  2. Joseph Papa and JS Fauquet as Elaine Stritch

    Thank you @joxfeld for inspiring this.

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  3. Ira Madison as Heathers’ J.D.

    Greetings and salutations #Heathers

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  4. Jeffery Self as “Mid-90s heartthrob Devon Sawa”

    Happy Halloween. I'm going as the mid-90s heartthrob Devon Sawa

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  5. Vance Garrett as Vincent Van Gogh

    #selfieportrait #hallowqueen #vangogh by @nicklujanmua @hallowqueennyc

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  6. Matt Rogers as Harry Potter

    The Boy Who's LIVING

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  7. Roger Padilha as The Genie

    I feel a bit matte….should I add some shine?

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  8. Jared Keith Lee as Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissorhands does @brutparty. #thelookgoesasfollows #brüt #slickitup @slickitup

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  9. Jeremy Cox as Black Canary

  10. Andrew Keenan Bolger and Scott Bixby as Pikachu and Ash Ketchum

    Pikachu, I choose YOU! #Pokemon #halloween

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  11. Andy Egelhoff as Truvada

    #gilead #truvada #truvadawhorenyc #halloween

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  12. Matthew Scheier as Missy Elliot

    Supa dupa fly. #missyelliot #icantstandtherain #happyhalloween #halloween

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  13. Jor-El Garcia as Valerie Cherish

    Valerie Cherish / Aunt Sassy would like to thank you all for a wonderful Halloween #thecomeback

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  14. Bradley Stern as a Rebel Heart

    Bow down. ⚔

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  15. Andrew Vetterlein as Stevie Nicks

    Sisters of the Moon

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  16. Steven Avalos as Darth Vader

    I'm a cool dad ( @lindseyweber)

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  17. Kris Haigh as a Gay of Thrones

    Happy Halloween #labyrinth #hallowqueen #gameofthrones #gayofthrones

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  18. Ernestito Altamirano as a naked person


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  19. Julian Antetomaso as Yeezy Season 2

    Come see me if you want Yeezy season two

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