Help Us Rank the Top 100 Hottest Men in 2013!

Has it really been seven years? It has! For seven years now we’ve been asking our readers who they think are the world’s hottest men, which we then compile into our annual Hot 100.

Why do we keep doing the Hot 100? Because when it comes to hot guys, who knows more about that particular topic than our readers? And in so many ways, you folks are often way ahead of the pop culture curve. The beautiful male faces (and bodies) we focus on seem to eventually end up attracting the attention of more general audiences. But so often we notice who is trending and “hot” first. We’re “first responders” if you will, and now it’s time to see who our readers are responding to this year.

You can vote for up to 10 nominees per day via the form below. One request: Please nominate each person by their full name (e.g. “John Smith, not “John” or “John S.”) and try to spell it correctly.

For those of you having trouble remembering all the possible guys to vote for, you might find some inspiration in the gents who made last year’s Hot 100.

Who will return from last year’s list? What fresh new faces will be joining them? The polls will be open through Thursday, June 6th and we’ll publish the results a few weeks later.

New this year, you can vote via the Twitter voting form on our front page, or vote as in previous years using the form below…..

Enter the first and last names of up to 10 nominees below and submit your vote!

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