21 Thoughts I Had Watching the Tiger King’s Threeway Wedding Video

"Wait, why does that person have a gun? And how many times will I have to ask that question?"

With Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness eclipsing Stranger Things 2’s 10-day ratings haul, the hunger for all things Joe Exotic has reached a fever pitch. And since noted untrustworthy individual Jeff Lowe now claims there’s another episode dropping soon, things are only bound to heat up. Luckily, the internet discovered the footage from Joe’s wedding to Travis Maldonado (R.I.P.) and John Finlay, and it has a lot of the elements that made the Netflix show such a compelling oddity in the first place.

Here, 21 thoughts I had while watching this love that dare not growl its name.

  1. YouTube/JoeExoticTV

    Why is there a warning? Scenes of a graphic nature? Recreations? What’s happening?

  2. This feels like copyright infringement…

  3. Oh, what lovely filigree….

  4. This is what Joe Exotic would look like as a cake.

  5. The gays sure do love a mason jar at a wedding.

  6. I’m sorry, what…?

  7. There she is.

  8. *Googling “Joe Exotic Garold”*… So it turns out Joe lit this candle for his brother Garold who was killed in a car crash in 1989. Joe used the settlement from the accident to eventually open up his controversial wildlife park, the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park, A.K.A., the G.W. Zoo. #TheMoreYouKnow

  9. R.I.P.

  10. Wait, why does this person have a gun? And how many times will I have to ask that question?

  11. To think of all these (presumably) straight-ass white folks turned out for this gay-ass polyamorous wedding in the middle of Oklahoma. America…what a weird country.

  12. What I wouldn’t give for this internal monologue….

  13. You don’t say….

  14. Sing it, sister. Homegirl even got Biblical with it and quoted from Ecclesiastes.

  15. I was promised a “couple” monkey flower girls, but one monkey ring-bearer is still pretty cute.

  16. *Sploosh*

  17. Aww, this is actually really sweet. They’re lighting their own candles using the light from Garold’s. Dammit, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

  18. Again, why the gun? Though it does kind of make the outfit.


  20. Don’t think I don’t see you, John, sidling over to kiss Travis (may he rest). Why does this look like the beginning of a Randy Blue porno that I would definitely watch?

  21. Officially OBSESSED with this woman.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is an LA-based writer, editor, bon vivant, and all-around sassbag. He's formerly Senior Editor of Out Magazine and is currently hungry. Insta: @lefabrat