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Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts And Elle Fanning Grapple With Trans Identity In “3 Generations”

"This story loudly and bravely advocates for acceptance, both of others and of oneself."

In 3 Generations, Susan Sarandon and Naomi Watts play a grandmother and mother who must learn to adapt when Watts’ child Ramona, played by Elle Fanning, comes out as a trans man. The film also stars Tate Donovan as Ray’s absentee father, Craig.

The Weinstein Company announced today the film is coming to theaters on May 5.

3 generations
3 Generations/Weinstein Company

Director Gaby Dellal defended casting Fanning, a cisgender woman, in the title role by explaining Ray has not yet transitioned. “The part is a girl,” she told Refinery 29, “and she is a girl who is presenting in a very ineffectual way as a boy.” Some members of the transgender community didn’t find that a comforting explanation.

3 generations about ray elle fanning
3 Generations/Weinstein Company

3 Generations was completed in 2015, and screened at the Toronto International Film Festival as About Ray that September. But it was pulled from a planned September 18, 2015 release date after a lukewarm response. In April 2016, Dellal indicated she was reediting the film.

“Harvey [Weinstein]’s enthusiasm and support has allowed us to release this poignant film at a time when we all need to believe in our collective strength,” Dellal said in a statement. “Throughout making this film I have met loving families, fearless transgender youth and women who have fought for gender equality for decades. This film, both heart-warming and heart wrenching, is for them.”

“This story loudly and bravely advocates for acceptance, both of others and of oneself,” added Watts, who also executive produces. “It’s a message we all believe in and are all incredibly proud to share this story with audiences, now more than ever.”

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