30 Days: Mr. November—Blake McIver On Bad Kissers, Losing His Virginity (WATCH)

It’s a new month and new 30 Days! For “30 Days: Mr. November,” our buddy Colby Melvin is hosting Logo’s first ever Mr. November pageant, in which five gorgeous models compete to be the best in four categories: body, style, talent and intellect.

There will be a winner declared in each category, so potentially one model could sweep the whole thing!

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blake mciver ewing

From “The Little Rascals” to the big time.

Today we’re just meeting contestant Blake McIver, who you might recognize as a former child actor turned out-and-proud actor-singer-model-hunk.

We hit Blake with a few personal questions which he admirably tackles head on.

Tomorrow we’ll introduce you to another of the models and, on Monday, the competition begins in earnest with the body challenge—each dude will be judged on their looks, physique and sex appeal.

Nice way to start the fall, right?

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