30 Days Of Willam Belli: Abraham Lincoln Was A Bear

September has always been the grodiest month of the year: Summer’s over, school’s starting again and friggin’ Christmas decorations are already creeping into view. So we corralled Willam Belli to help chase away those Septembertime blues.

Abraham_Lincoln willam belli

It’s Throwback Thursday and Colby Melvin is helping Willam with a little nugget of gay history. (Speaking of little nuggets, couldn’tyou just eat Colby up?) It turns out Abraham Lincoln wasn’t just the Great Emancipator, he was a great man date.  As Colby tells us, Honest Abe had his male companions stay in his bed while Mary (that’s Mary Todd Lincoln) was sound asleep in her own chamber down the hall. They also wrote letters about their creamy thighs and wore each others’ night shirts.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you America’s first down-low president!


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