5 Most Memorable ’30 Rock’ Episodes

We don’t want to admit it either, but 30 Rock will soon be gone forever. Fortunately, we’ll always have our memories together. Here’s our list of the five most memorable 30 Rock moments (if it’s possible to pick just five):

“Tracy Does Conan” (S1E07)

This first season episode is the point when many viewers realized just how wacky, high-energy and hilarious 30 Rock could be. Between Dennis Duffy, the Little Blue Man and the joke that Liz and Conan used to date, this episode’s one for the ages.

“The Rural Juror” (S1E10)

Oh, Jenna. We may miss you most of all. This episode has a great ending twist – Liz is actually being the unreasonable one by refusing to find any worth in Jenna’s latest film project, The Rural Juror. Just typing “Rural Juror” makes us laugh. And lest we forget, this is the episode that premiered the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine (“Meat is the new bread!”).

“MILF Island” (S2E11)

Another excellent example of a fake 30 Rock project, “MILF Island” is a super funny episode with another good twist – Liz is the one who told the NY Post that Jack was “a grade A moron.” We also get to see Pete Hornberger get trapped under a vending machine.

“Goodbye, My Friend” (S3E13)

One of the great things about 30 Rock is its supporting cast. We love Liz and Jack and Jenna and Tracy, but it’s always great when we get treated to the ensemble players. In “Goodbye, My Friend,” we get to delve into the TGS writer’s room – specifically, the backstory of Frank. And any episode that spoofs Harry and the Hendersons and has a guest spot for John Lithgow is pretty great in our book.

“Leap Day” (S6E09)

Leap Day! Jim Carrey spoofing his high concept family friendly movies! Liz Lemon involved in an Indecent Proposal-like scenario! It was also apparently directed by Steve Buscemi! Who could ask for anything more?

These are five of our favorites, but to be on the safe side, you should probably just watch the whole series over again.

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