5 TV Shows ’30 Rock’ Stars Should Join

Please keep these people on TV.

Tonight’s the night: last new 30 Rock ever. We’ve already heard that Alec Baldwin is interested in starring in Girls, but what of the rest of the cast? We’re sure such talented folks will land on their feet – here’s our list of where we’d like to see them end up.

1. Jack McBrayer on Shameless

Kenneth has a complicated, and hilarious, backstory on 30 Rock. He comes from an impossibly poor and insane mountain village. We’d love to see him transported to an impossibly poor and insane Chicago. Maybe this could be a chance for McBrayer to stretch his acting skills outside of being a lovable goof.

2. Tina Fey on Veep

We’ve seen Julia Louis-Dreyfus play Tina Fey on 30 Rock, so we’d love to see Fey return the favor. Maybe she could be a lookalike who has to pretend to be the vice president in a Dave-esque scenario, or maybe Fey can be Louis-Dreyfus’ more levelheaded little sister or something. Whatever her role, it’s worth it to see this much female comedic wattage in one room.

3. Tracy Morgan on American Horror Story

True, having Tracy Morgan on AHS might sound a little crazy, but if next season is anything like the last, craziness is the name of the game. We’d love to see Morgan get possessed by the devil or become a zombie or an alien or get bitten by a vampire or whatever’s in store for next season’s AHS. Besides, he already has experience with werewolf bar mitzvahs.

4. Jane Krakowski on Cougar Town

Come on, is there anyone on TV more cougar-y than Jenna Maroney? To be honest, we’d watch her in anything where she gets to flaunt her style and act like a diva.

5. Alec Baldwin on Mad Men

If Girls doesn’t work out, we’d pay money to see 30 Rock’s super classy, booze-swilling alpha male executive plopped into a world full of super classy, booze-swilling alpha male executives. We’d buy anything that Alec Baldwin’s silky voice tells us to – which is how we ended up with 15 Capital One cards.

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