NEW VIDEO: Tina Fey Hates ’30 Rock’

Tina Fey is not very happy with 30 Rock. It seems that now that the show is in syndication her young daughter Alice, 6, has seen a few episodes and has some questions for mom. Like what is an erection?

Tina was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and said one evening she walked into the room as Jane Krakowski’s character Jenna made a joke about a monkey’s erection. Alice quickly turned to her mother and said: “What’s an erection?”

“I wanted to be so mad at the show … but it was my show,” Tina told Jimmy.

Tina eventually decided to say an erection was a building, but Alice wasn’t buying it. Seems the youngster is just as smart as her mom.

You can catch Tina, at long, long last, when 30 Rock returns tonight at 8 pm on NBC.