39 Pics Of Birthday Boy Misha Collins

It’s no secret we’re very fond of The CWs long-running Supernatural, and while Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles may provide the majority of the beefcake, the heart and … soul … of the show belongs to Misha Collins, who plays angel Castiel. It’s solely because of Misha’s performance that Castiel has become one of the most beloved characters in Sci-fi/Fantasy TV.

The fan pairing of Castiel and Dean has proven unstoppable (it just won our 2013 Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament), and it’s Misha’s offbeat personality and quirky hotness that has catapulted him to the upper reaches of our 2013 Hot 100. (something he is well aware of, and sincerely appreciates).

Today is his 39th birthday, so let’s pay tribute with a collection of pics that show Misha being … Misha. You’ll see what we mean.

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