4 Airport Restaurants With Michelin-Rated Chefs

Altitude, Geneva International

If you ever needed a reason to dress up to travel, which, lets face it, in the days of outrageous and invasive security, you really do, then here’s four of them. They all use Michelin rated chefs and are the perfect excuse to suit up in style next time you go to the airport or at least have the most fierce doggy bag ever onboard.

Top Air

Restaurant: Top Air

Chefs: Claudio Urru

Airport: Stuttgart

Whoever said the glamour in flying was dead never went to this actual Michelin starred restaurant inside the Stuttgart airport. And they never had the pleasure of Riesling Ice Cream melting in their mouth while staring at the gorgeous Swabian Albs off in the distance.


Restaurant: Altitude

Chefs: Gilles Dupont, Thomas Byrne, Fabien Legon

Airport: Geneva International, Switzerland

Well, you can skip right to the Swiss culinary scene at the Geneva Airport where local Michelin starred chef, Gilles Dupont (Auberge du Lion d’or, The Neptune) cooks up the kinds of storm you want in your place of travel. Altitude’s mix of Swiss and Mediterranean food are as unexpected and divine as the restaurant itself. Dine on things like Kamchatka crab ravioli, duck foie gras with quince and pepper chutney, beef tartare and, of course, Swiss cheeses, as you stare at expansive views the Jura Mountains in the background.


Plane Food

Restaurant: Plane Food

Chef: Gordon Ramsay

Airport: London Heathrow

Funny name, Gordon. But really, with things like freshly prepared crumbed fried pork, steamed sea bass and a killer short rib burger, you’ll only be laughing at the people in the airport who’re currently eating a fast food sandwich.

La Moraga


Restaurant: La Moraga

Chef: Dani Garcia

Airport: Malaga Airport, Spain

Food is usually the first thing missed after a jaunt to Spain so get one last fill at La Moraga—a modern looking gastrobar that serves the Michelin starred creations of Andalusian master Dani Garcia. Or, dive right into it upon landing in Malaga. Actually, both are good ideas.