5 Best Naked Superheroes

The Avengers is a great film and all, but the problem with all those superheroes is that none of them get naked. We mean, what is the point of taking the most attractive actors in Hollywood, having them bulk up and get fit to film and then forcing them to stay clothed the entire time? It’s ludicrous. Luckily, these five movies had the right idea and gave us all a little skin.

We proudly present the five best naked superheroes.

We can see your bum Hugh.

Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
Poor, poor Wolverine. He finds out he has this weird bone mutation and then a hundred years later tries to reinforce his bones and gets pumped full of adamantium, an indestructible metal, but escapes when he learns the evil scientists doing the procedure are trying to erase his memory. Escapes naked. That’s right folks, Hugh Jackman is kicking ass and taking names in his birthday suit. One of the greatest gifts we have ever received from down under.

We can see your pole Billy.

Billy Crudup — Watchmen
Nice wang Crudup! Dr. Manhattan is a, wait for it, doctor, who is transformed into a “blue-skinned god-like being after he was disintegrated in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor in 1959.” Thanks Wikipedia! Basically what this means is that he floats around like a blue hologram. A totally naked and buff blue hologram. UPDATE: We were wrong as a commenter informs us, “Dr. Manhattan’s (post accident) body is Greg Plitt’s. Crudup only voiced the character. It’s only fair to give props where props are due.” We agree. Props Plitt.

We can see your cans Rebecca.

Rebecca Romijn — X-Men
Mystique is the oldest of the X-Men and by far the hottest. She is kind of crazy and kills a whole bunch of people but she looks good while doing it. It helps of course that model Rebecca Romijn’s costume is her naked body with blue paint and a few scales. Even the red hair and hepatitis eyes don’t detract from her beauty. Oh and she can shapeshift but she never does so into naked people making us wonder how she gets those clothes so easily…

We cannot see your jean shorts Taylor. Thank God.

Taylor Lautner — Twilight
Not a superhero so to speak but we figured we mine as well give the tweens something to be excited about. We don’t know how he gets those jean shorts on and off so easily and they never rip when he is transforming into wolf form, but we guess that is the least of your worries when all those creepy vampires are around.

We can see it all Blob.

The Blob — The Blob
Finally a plus-sized actor not afraid to show their naked form.