5 Celebrity Booze Brands We’d Like To See

Let’s be honest. Who hasn’t wanted to share a bottle of tequila with George Clooney? Well, now you can. Clooney has teamed with Rande Gerber to create Casamigos, a private label launching this winter. Each batch of tequila will be tasted, numbered and signed by Gerber and Clooney – so you know the secret extra ingredient is love. With his tequila label, Clooney joins a panoply of Hollywood stars in the booze business, including Drew Barrymore’s Barrymore Pinot Grigiot, Willie Nelson’s Old Whiskey River Bourbon and (our favorite) Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello.   Here are five more celebrity booze brands we’d definitely want a taste of.



1. Natalie Portman Sparkling Cider


Sweet, bubbly and intoxicating, this versatile cider is perfect for Thanksgiving or Shabbat.


2. Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Domestic Ale


Tepid, flat and flavorless, this beer will still be poised to become the number one drink in America.


3. Daniel Day-Lewis Oscar-Winning Merlot


This bold but adaptable wine will take on the flavor of whatever the occasion calls for. Served in a tall, dark bottle.


4. Tim Burton’s Peppermint-Infused Gin

It’s whimsical and fresh, and it goes down smooth, but be prepared for the first bottle to taste exactly like the next. Best when mixed with Johnny Depp Spiced Rum or Helena Bonham Carter peach schnapps.


5. Lindsay Lohan Sauvignon Blanc


A bitter and frothy blend that’s one of the few wines that doesn’t get better with age. Made from sour grapes.