5 Things We Learned from the Daniel Radcliffe’s Reddit AMA

daniel radcliffeWizard-messiah turned benevolent exhibitionist Daniel Radcliffe is the latest celebrity to take to Reddit’s forums for a round of Ask Me Anything. While still skirting controversy in regards to other topics, the script-kiddies and life-hack enthusiasts played nice with everyone’s favorite twinky warlock.

Here are five things we learned from yesterday’s chat:

1. People Recognize him from the back of his head:

I was on a roller coaster, I think it was in Paris, actually, and it was in the middle of winter, and I was wearing basically like a thing in England, don’t know if you have them here, we called them “Snoods” – they’re like a warm thing that covers you whole head, basically only shows your eyes, and I was like 12 years old, I was wearing one on a roller coaster, and I guess my eyes do give me away because the people BEHIND us somehow recognized me and asked an autograph when we got off the coaster !And we were like “How did you SEE me?!” it was impressive.

2. Recently discovered his love for Star Wars:

I’ve very recently – like within the last 6 months – watched the original Star Wars movies, I’m like a brand new Star Wars fan, so [for Halloween] I might go with something Star Wars related! And I got to go out to the Star Wars set recently, because a lot of my friends are working on it crew-wise.. so something Star Wars related, but not sure yet.

3. Gary Oldman taught him how to play bass guitar:

Well, one of the moments in my life that will forever be… you know, immortal in my memory, would be – because Gary Oldman is a bass player, a very good bass player, yeah, and, um, I started learning bass on the 3rd film when he joined the cast. And so one day, I think actually maybe on my 14th birthday, that day started with Gary teaching me the bass line to “Come Together” by the Beatles, yeah! And you know, that was just an amazing, amazing moment …

Yeah, so my life has been blessed with many surreal, cool moments like that.

4. He is not the same person as Elijah Wood:

Um… well, recently a couple of people have asked me to sign a piece of paper so they can then get it tattooed. And, you know, that’s pretty weird. Just because I have pretty horrible handwriting – that AMA sign was me printing, but you should see my cursive, it’s not pretty! So yeah, I would advise people against doing that. I have signed a picture of Elijah Wood – and I think we’ve also both said in interviews that we would like each other to play each other in films of our lives – but I was on a red carpet in Japan, and this Japanese man gave me a picture of Elijah, and I knew i wasn’t going to get past the language barrier to explain, so I wrote “I am not Elijah Wood, signed Daniel Radcliffe.”

5. His Horcrux is weird:

My iPod, prolly put it in that, but I would put it inside an album on the iPod, so you’d have to open that album. So I somehow want it to be connected to a particular album that means something, like Ziggy Stardust. So that’s how I’d want to do that.

The full AMA can be read over here.

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