5 Unforgettably Strange Moments From The 2013 Daytime Emmys


The best award shows have their dubious moments, and the 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards — which Snicks lovingly liveblogged last night— simply teemed with unexpected and bizarre moments that brought the best (and weirdest) out of many presenters. I also enjoyed planned hilarity like Kathy Griffin’s presenter speech, in which she quoted four lines of nutty dialogue from nominated soap operas and Betty White’s tribute to the late game show producer Bob Stewart. But here are five wacky moments I’m still thinking about.

1. Carrie Fisher’s wild introduction to the Best Animated Show category is inspiring, drug-fueled, and maybe poetic.

Carrie Fisher, the goddess who once composed my favorite tweet of all time (and I quote: “Oh BiPolar the way I’m on Letterman tonight w/ my peers Rihanna & Zac Efron pray 4 me”), introduced the Best Animated Show category. Struck me as apparent that she was there to give the trophy to George Lucas, who was in the audience representing the series Clone Wars, but he looked none too thrilled to be associated with Debbie’s daughter. Carrie’s introduction to the category sounded exactly like this. Yes, I transcribed the whole thing.

“[To Ozzy Osbourne, seated in the audience] Ozzy! I haven’t seen you since rehab! That went well, no? [To the camera] OK. I’m Carrie and I’m an alcoholic…[light applause] drug addict… Animation has made extraordinary strides in the last four years, I don’t care what you’ve heard. It seems anyone with a computer thinks she or he can be an animator, or rifle through government secrets. Which is a different awards show for a different day. Our nominees, they take us into worlds we’ve never seen before, unless like Ozzy and myself, you’ve taken acid. Same dealer. In which case, this category this doesn’t apply to you. Our nominees have not taken acid, at least not with me, which is really the only way to do it, as most of you know. [To George Lucas, seated in the audience.] Right, George? [Back to the camera] I don’t want to tell you who I’m rooting for, because it would be so on the nose, right, Ozzy?”

A cocaine joke to top it all off. So, so precious. Of course Lucas and his show won the trophy, which made for an awkward reunion with Carrie onstage. The force is definitely with all of us.

2. Corbin Bernsen drops an F-bomb as a tribute to his mother.

Corbin Bernsen’s soap legend mother Jeanne Cooper died in May, and the L.A. Law alum decided to toast her memory with some uncensored profanity. Alongside The Young and the RestlessJess Walton, Bernsen announced how his mother would react to being remembered at the ceremony. “Oh s**t, I’m on the In Memoriam list!” he cackled, then adding, “At least I made the f*****g list!” Though it was a controversial angle to take, it was also a fitting tribute to the fiery lady herself.

3. Did the audience jeer Ricki Lake’s win?

Here is something you should know about me: I have always loved Ricki Lake. I grew up with her first talk show and dug Hairspray AND Mrs. Winterbourne. Tah-dah. 1-800-GO-RICKI, I say. This is why I was especially disappointed to hear the audience basically groan after she won the Best Talk Show Host Emmy over fellow nominees Anderson Cooper, Steve Harvey, Mehmet Oz, and Rachael Ray. Like Anderson, Ricki’s talk show was canceled this year, which is probably why she didn’t show up to the ceremony. But was it really worth a collective sneer from the audience? Maybe they were just done with the award’s presenter, upcoming talk show host Kris Jenner. Oh, world.

4. I jeered Ben Bailey’s win! By myself!

In a year when Steve Harvey (who revamped Family Feud more successfully than any of his predecessors since Ray Combs) and Billy Eichner (the openly gay mastermind of Billy on the Street) were nominated for Best Game Show Host, why did Ben Bailey — who has won two previous Emmys for the now-canceled Cash Cab — win yet again? Because his job requires a driver’s license? I didn’t get this win at all, and I made anti-Ricki Lake noises from my living room about it.

5. Aisha Tyler drops the ad-lib of the night.

Aisha Tyler and her cohosts on The Talk were tasked with presenting the Best Informative Talk Show trophy. This could’ve been a clean operation, except Tyler opened the award envelope to find an incorrect winner’s name — as in, the winner in a different category. Gasping and guffawing ensued, but Tyler is an improv veteran who vamped for a couple minutes while the correct envelope was shuffled on out to her. “Apparently Homeland won for Best Informative Talk Show?” she joked. Perfect.

What were your favorite moments in this soapy circus?