7 Photos Of Michael Fassbender Looking Really, Really Good

Because it’s Friday and you’ve had a trying week. Because he’s so extremely, desperately handsome. Because his new movie Prometheus comes out today. These are all very valid reasons to immerse yourselves in a bunch of photos of Michael Fassbender doing the special things Michael Fassbender does. Won’t you join us as we peruse his sexy mug?

Here is Michael Fassbender receiving an award at the 2012 Empire Awards. Is it an award for most handsome? Best onscreen penis shots? One can only imagine.

Michael Fassbender poses next to a Red Bull racing car, begging the question — Who takes faster turns? A: Michael Fassbender.

Michael Fassbender and Antonio Banderas confer on who is sexier. “Too sexy! Too sexy!” says Antonio. And he is right.

Michael Fassbender shows off his surprising ginger beard!

His nickname in high school was Pocket Square. (No it wasn’t.)

Oh no! He’s getting kicked in the groin by Charlize Theron! Will no one think of his comically oversized penis?

Fassbender in a three-piece number.

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All photos courtesy Getty Images.