7 Reasons Why “227” Is Still Our Favorite Address


Logo’s new address is 227!

The classic sitcom about a group of African-American women living in the same apartment building has a special place in our hearts. And on February 27 (that’s 2/27) starting at 2:27pm, Logo is airing a 10-episode 227 marathon featuring favorite episodes from Sandra herself, Jackée Harry!


Below, we share seven reasons why the beloved sitcom reminds us there’s no place like homo home.

  1. “And I mean no place, child”

    Like all black sitcoms, 227 had a great and memorable theme song, this one sung by Gibbs herself.

  2. Our heart belongs to Jackée


    Though 227 was a starring vehicle for Gibbs, Jackée Harry proved the true breakout star and won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in 1987. (To date, she’s the only black actress to win in that category.)

    She and Gibbs would later clash over the show’s increased focus on Jackée (who temporarily dropped her last name, as you do when your star is on the rise). Harry actually left the show for her own ill-fated spin-off, only to return as a recurring player in 227’s final season.

  3. A King and a Countess

    king countess

    227 was Regina King’s first gig, and she’d go on to have a very successful acting career with parts in films like Boyz in the Hood, Jerry Maguire, and TV shows like The Leftovers and American Crime.

    227 also gave us Countess Vaughn, of Moesha and The Parkers fame, who got a role on the show after snatching crowns on Star Search and telling host Ed McMahon that 227 was her favorite show.

  4. “I thought hurricane season was over!”

    hurricane season

    227 was probably never considered stoner television until Pineapple Express. James Franco laughs his head off to an old episode and sparked (pun intended) renewed interest in the show. Take a note from Mr. Franco and light one up for Mary and the girls.

  5. A Rose by any other name


    227 premiered the same year as another sitcom about four women, The Golden Girls, and the two shows even had a similar dynamic: the bossy one, the salacious one, the sweet one (named Rose), and the acerbic older one.

    Though 227 doesn’t have the gay following that GG has (yet), it’s just as campy. And Mary and the girls find even more reasons to break out into musical numbers and appear on random game shows.

  6. How 227 got its groove back


    227 had some of the best guest stars ’80s TV had to offer, including Iman, Fran Drescher, Pee-Wee Herman, Run DMC, Luther Vandross, Joan Rivers, and a young Angela Bassett, who has literally not aged since. Bless the Countess (not Vaughn).

  7. Jackée and Regina are national treasures

    Andy Cohen facilitated a mini-227 reunion on Watch What Happens Live! where Emmy winners Regina King and Jackée owned everything after perhaps a few too many Grey Goose cocktails. They may have been hammered, but they delivered perhaps the most epic WWHL ever—and Andy once had on Oprah. Just sayin’.

Catch the 227 marathon Saturday, February 27, at 2:27pm on Logo.

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