7 Sustainable Restaurants in Places You Might Not Expect

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Eating is filthy. Disgusting. Gross. Just kidding! Food is awesome and so is eating it! But what is filthy, disgusting and gross is how crappy restaurants can be to the pretty planet we call home. Since that’s kinda lame, some restaurants have gotten on this whole “sustainable” kick—meaning that not only is their food local or organic or raised by Angelina Jolie or whatever, but that their whole operation is run this way. Green cleaning supplies, recycled paper, low waste and over all carbon baby foot print like impact on the ecosystem. Its a trend, but its gone, like really far. As in from Nebraska to the huddled masses on Ellis Island. Sustainability is on, and popping up in some places you’d least expect. Here’s 7.


1) The Grey Plume, Omaha

That’s not a typo. Omaha is home to the actual, certified, greenest restaurant in the United States of America according to the Green Restaurant Association of America. The entire building is made from recycled materials, they use low impact energy and well, since they are near to so many farms, well, you know the food is fresh.

The Grey Plume


2—AT&T Park, Aka Giants Stadium, San Francisco

The Giants and Gilroy Garlic Fries go together like Katy Perry and a jelly beans. Gilroy Garlic’s stand in Giants Stadium uses a lot less gas to cook than normal and a cooler that saves 35% more energy than regular coolers. (Apparently bad breath isn’t considered pollution). Its the number one greenest ballpark in the nation and both composts and recycles. If you’re confused about which team to root for, there’s always the Green Team—literally as thats what they call the staff on hand to assist you in your recycling needs.

Go for the green team!


 3—Kona Pub and Brewing Company, Kona, Hawaii

At this joint in Hawaii you can get shit-faced and still feel good about yourself the next day. The Kona Pub composts, offers vegan pizza and was constructed with recycled, salvaged trash. Sadly, no hangover cure.

4—Hamburger Mary’s Chicago

Who says green and queen don’t mix? The Chicago outpost of Hamburger Mary’s recently got some top nods from the Green Restaurant Association for their use of humanely treated animals, water efficiency standards, biodegradable to go containers, recycling and LED lighting. The drag queens also don’t make waste in  making sure you’re happy.

Organic Queens at Hamburger Mary's Chicago


5—Mommoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins Dining Room, Yellowstone National Park

This hotel in Yellowstone National Park has a view of a field thatwas once the parade ground of the original Fort Yellowstone and specializes in small, organic or vegan plates. Plus, they turn the lights off when you’re not there. Wow. Go America!

 6—The Sushi Bar, Some place in Idaho

Ok, that’s not fair. Its in McCall. Its a 3 star certified organic joint and has the most sake in the whole state. So take that other sushi restaurants in Idaho. They recycle everything they can, send scraps to a local chicken farm and also serve yum soosh despite being no where near the ocean.

Sushi, Idaho style.

7—Ellis Island Cafe, New York

Ok, so there’s every kind of organic restaurant you can possibly imagine in New York which is why we chose to highlight the concession stand on Ellis Island. Should you choose to brave the masses at this maelstrom of tourism, know that you may eat at its all organic restaurant that also composts and stays fresh with certified green cleaning products.

Give me your locally produced beef, organic vegetables and vegan masses!

Matt Bell is a New York based travel and style writer who contributes regularly to Esquire.com and Essential Homme Magazine. He has also written for Out.com, Next Magazine, American Spa Magazine and was the Senior Editor for Genre Magazine.

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