A 78-Year-Old Gay Man Shares Sobering Truths With A 13-Year-Old Gay Boy

"That completely shocks me."

Commemorating 50 years since the decriminalization of homosexuality in the U.K., a new video sits a 78-year-old gay man across from a gay boy 65 years his junior.

The heartwarming video, produced by YouTubers duo Trent & Luke in collaboration with London Pride, gives the two British blokes the rare opportunity to compare their experiences coming out and living as gay in two very different times.

At 13, Louis already has a boyfriend and is overwhelmingly supported by his peers and family. “I think you’re so lucky the world has changed and you can just be yourself,” Percy tells him.

Percy also relates what it was like to grow up gay when homosexuality was still illegal, and Louis is particularly horrified to learn that same-sex couples had to fear that police might raid their homes. “It amazes me how they could even just say for loving someone, you’re being arrested,” the teen says. “That completely shocks me.”

At the end of their chat, Percy also offers Louis some sage advice. “Stand up for being gay and for actually trying to make people understand that the most important thing is that you can love somebody and it doesn’t matter who they are,” he says. “Love is love.”

Watch and catch feels below.

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