8 Things We Want From Lady Gaga’s New Album

Listen Up, Mother Monster!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 8 years since the release of The Fame, Lady Gaga’s debut album, which catapulted her into the center of the pop mainstream with the insta-hits “Just Dance,” “LoveGame” and “Paparazzi.” The sound was fresh, innovative and provocative, while also managing to be extremely catchy and danceable.

In the years since, Gaga’s reinvented herself a number of times as a sexual deviant, champion for the disenfranchised, post-post modern artiste and, most recently, jazz chanteuse. Some of these reinventions have been met with extreme success (hi Cheek to Cheek) while others have been met with a resounding *meh* (lookin’ atchu Artpop).

That being said, as talks of LG5 have been whirring since August, we’ve assembled a list of things we’re hoping to see in the next Gaga album. 2015 has been a blockbuster year for the artist – we can’t wait to see where she’ll go next!

  1. A Focus On Those Pipes

    Lady Gaga can sing. Like, really sing. She’s proven it time and time again (in her stripped down acoustic covers as well as in her collaborations with Bennett), so we’re hoping that this new album will put those strong pipes of hers front and center.

  2. Shock Value, With A Twist

    At this point, Gaga’s as well known for her music as she is for her shock value — we all remember the meat dress, that one time she was carried down the red carpet in an egg and, of course, the moment when one of her back-up dancers vomited on her live at SXSW.

    But in spite of all these theatrical antics, some of the most shocking moments of Gaga’s career have come in the past year. At times, it feels as though she’s been able to shock us with the absence of shock, whether in her classically understated Julie Andrews tribute at the Oscars or when decked out as crooner Frank Sinatra.

    To these non-shock-shocks we say: Keep ‘em coming!

  3. Telephone Part Deux

    Five years ago, Gaga gifted the world with the iconic music video for her megahit, “Telephone.” The nine and a half minute video features a cast of jailhouse goddesses, homages to Kill Bill and, of course, Queen Bey herself in a conspiring role with Gaga.

    At the end of the video, the two are running away from police when a “To be continued…” image pops up on screen. Ladies, we think it’s high time to continue.

  4. A Celebratory Love Anthem

    NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 19: Singer Lady Gaga and actor Taylor Kinney attend the 'Rock The Kasbah' New York Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on October 19, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

    Based on her recent string of loving Insta posts with boo Taylor Kinney, it’s clear that Gaga is in a good place when it comes to matters of the heart.

    Though we love the darkly fabulous tones of “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” as much as the next gay, we’re banking on a celebratory love anthem or two to be featured on the new album (dare we say something as cheesily fantastic as “You and I”?!).

  5. Gagafied Dance Music

    With delicious hooks, thumping beats and wonderfully singable choruses, Lady Gaga knows her way around a dance track.

    And even though she may not be in a place to offer us something as anthemic as “Just Dance” or “Born This Way,” we’re hankering for at least one or two solid dance songs to shake our tail feathers to in 2016.

  6. Retro Vibes

    On the helms of her Cheek to Cheek success, we’re hoping that Gaga manages to work some of these jazzy influences into her next album. We don’t want an album of standards obviously, but it would feel like a mistake for her to abandon the retro vibe that’s been working so well for her this past year.

    This seems especially promising as Mark Ronson (!!) just announced that he’s been working on the album with Gaga. Fingers crossed that this means Gaga will play around with some ’70s inspired funk on LG5.

  7. Epic Music Videos

    At peak Gaga, in that sweet spot between the success of Fame Monster and the immense anticipation of Born This Way, the release of an LG music video was an event.

    Though we’re sure that the music videos of LG5 will be visually and thematically different from, say, “Alejandro” or “Poker Face,” we’re also sure that they’ll be sickeningly cinematic and stunning.

  8. A Duet or Two

    Aside from her recent collaborations with Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga hasn’t done much duet work in her past. However, when she has worked with other artists (notably Beyoncé and R. Kelly) it’s been incredibly dynamic. A collab with Nicki, The Weeknd or Adele, for example, could really imbue LG5 with an interesting sound.

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