9 Times “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Queens Met High Fashion

"I feel like it's couture."

It’s New York Fashion Week and some of the most sickening new looks are trouncing their way through Manhattan.

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We could say we’re impressed by the new collections flooding our streets but — we’re not! We’ve already seen the best of the best, courtesy of our girls on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

So, without further ado, we’re counting down some of our favorite moments from when Drag Race met high fashion:

  1. Violet Chachki’s big runway reveal.


    Violet’s iconic quick change on the runway was arguably one of the greatest moments in Drag Race herstory, but it was also pretty major for fashion in general. With one quick flick of her belt, Violet went from evening fish look 1 to evening fish look 2 and had us gagging the whole time. No wonder she won!

  2. The queens debut on Marco Marco’s runway.

    Designer Marco Marco has been featuring queens on his runway since at least 2013, when Detox, Raja, Willam, and Roxxxy Andrews, among others, sashayed down the catwalk in some seriously gag-worthy looks.

    Check out Miss Fame’s coverage of his latest show right here!

  3. Courtney Act takes flight.

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    Our Aussie queen slipped into this Bob Mackie-inspired ensemble for the most legendary runway strut since Ivy Winters’ stilts. Let’s observe a moment of silence for this truly insane wingspan.

  4. Raja reinvents Marie Antoinette.


    No one screams “fashion!” like Raja. And no one screams “Let them eat cake!” like her dead Coco Chanel/Marie Antoinette lovechild.

  5. Violet Chachki and Miss Fame grace the pages of Vogue Italia.

    Phil Oh / Vogue

    When will your fave?

  6. Carmen Carrera’s W magazine spread.

    Carmen Carrera had a major year in 2013, when she graced the pages of W magazine for a mesmerizing “Show Girl” feature story shot by the legendary Steven Klein. Check out a trailer for the iconic shoot above.

  7. The many faces of Yara Sofia.


    Seriously, can anyone beat a face like Yara Sofia?! Each time this queen hit the runway, her face was something to marvel at. And that’s not an easy feat to achieve.

  8. Gia Gunn’s fresh Chanel bag.


    Alright, so it’s obviously not a real Chanel (a Chamel, perhaps?), but any queen who enters a room with a hula hoop that can hold her lipstick deserves a standing ovation.

  9. Stacey Layne feeling very couture.


    Of all the times drag met high fashion, Stacey Layne Matthews reigns queen.


We think so too, henny.

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