A Back Alley Abortion Brought the Scissor Sisters Together

Jake Shears and Ana Matronic
photos credit: Clinton Gaughran

After four albums, countless, shows, appearances and collaborations, the hardest working band in the business, Scissor Sisters is finally is taking a well-earned break from touring. They’d planned on playing in Mexico City and Guadalajara in December, but those dates got canceled. Thus, the band’s last gig of 2012 turned out to be an exclusive appearance on Crackle’s live music web series “From The Basement.” The set, which was was filmed at the Jim Henson Studio in Hollywood back on November 18th, will be available for viewing tomorrow.

Our friend Nicole Hanratty of the website lifeofarockstar.com got an invite to sit in on the closed set recording session and afterwards sat down with the adorable Jake Shears and sublimely sassy Ana Matronic for a wide-ranging interview. We’ve got some photos for you as well a video excerpt from that interview. One particularly interesting item in the clip below: Ana and Jake finally set the record straight on how they met. It wasn’t at Disneyland as has been claimed in their official bio and on their Wikipedia page.

Ana: No, officially we met on Halloween in the year 2000. I was dressed as an Andy Warhol Factory reject and he [points to Jake] was dressed as a late-term back alley abortion.
It was pretty gruesome.
And I looked at him, and I was like “Oh yeah. You! You come with me. I can tell already we’re going to be friends.”

You’ve worked with Elton John, Calvin Harris and Kylie Minogue, Adam Lambert and Katy Perry… What haven’t you guys done?

Ana: Well, we haven’t been in space.
Jake: I don’t know. I’ve felt like I was in outer space.

You can find the full 18 minute interview with Jake Shears and Ana Matronic over on lifeofarockstar.com



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