A “Downton Abbey” Line Of Clothing, Housewares and Furniture Is On Its Way

downton abbey thomas

Admit it, you wish you could live at Downton Abbey. Well, coming to a store near you is the next best thing: Official clothing, furniture and housewares lines inspired by the veddy British import.

“We’ll be working across an entire range of products coming out this year—from fashion, apparel and homeware and furniture to wallpapers, beauty products and stationary,” said Downton executive producer Gareth Neame.

With the show’s enormous success, you have to wonder what took them so long.  “No one wants to launch products if the show’s going to be a flop,” explains Neames. “In retail terms, the first series launched the program and the brand, the second year ratified it, and the show didn’t even hit its high point in the U.S. until this year when Series Three ended in the U.S.” Neame told CNBC “it’s very rare” for a British show to drum up such potential for merchandising.

There’s no word yet on exactly what items will be produced, or when they will be available, but Downton fans are used to excruciatingly long waits.