A Generous Private Investor Wants To Make The “Happy Endings” Movie Happen

Truly amahzing news!

Casey Wilson, star of the cult hit comedy Happy Endings, hints at a possible movie reboot.

Wilson, who hilariously played the self-absorbed, yet lovable, Penny Hartz on Happy Endings, revealed the news in a visit to Entertainment Tonight.

“There’s interest,” Wilson teases when asked whether or not the show, which has had a resurgence in popularity thanks to its new online home at Hulu, would ever come back.

“Someone even called my husband [David Caspe], who created it, and basically said, ’I’m a private investor, I would love to pay for a movie’ … we were like, OK… now private citizens are coming off the streets!”

But don’t get too excited—Wilson quickly added that “the funds have not sizzled in our account yet.”

In the mean time, we’ll tide ourselves over by binging the series on Hulu.


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