‘A-List Dallas’ Reunion Recap — Tops & Bottoms

Oh dear...

Let’s be honest, no one really won last night during The A-List Dallas reunion. MAYBE Phillip, but other than that everyone just kind of got trounced. James got desperate trying to get Levi to admit they hooked up, Chase and Taylor behaved like high school students, Ashley actually ran after a man in heels and a Barbie dress and Levi practically gloated about his mistreatment of men. So who did come out on top?


Wendy Williams — Is she an amazing host or what? She does not back down and asks the most amazing questions ever. Let’s be honest folks, Andy Cohen may try and be all that but he ain’t gonna start asking his guests who gives the best head in the room. Wendy for the win!

Ashley’s Dress — That thing was a pretty, pretty princess dream. If you asked every contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race to throw their accessories in a bucket and then glue them all on to a tiny scrap of black fabric, it would look pretty similar to Ashley’s dress. And we love it.

Levi’s Member — It apparently had spent ample time with most of the gentlemen at the reunion, and recently. Good for you, you poor, exhausted thing.

Chase’s Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss — What pink lips you have!


Chase’s Hair — You can’t win them all pal, and you really, really did yourself no favors when you decided to invoke Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall with that mess on your scalp. Sorry bud.

Tara Reid’s Levi’s Purple Silk Shirt — What in the hell?

Ann Coulter — Poor lady got trounced even though she wasn’t even there to defend herself.

Ashley’s Shoes — Those things were not meant for chasing little people through the Meatpacking District. Poor thing