“A-List Dallas” Star Levi Naked? Yee-Haw!

Truth in advertising?

Logo’s “A-List: Dallas” launched with a lot of jokes about how everything is bigger in Texas. And the show’s main cowboy, Levi, even quipped on-camera about being “hung” and how “a big d*ck can open doors…” SO, guess we’re not surprised that a nice Grindr-esque photo of Levi has gone public.

And is it rude to say we’re even bigger fans now???

WeHo Confidential leaked the iPhone-y photo. We won’t link to it ’cuz we’re gentlemen but… it’s nice! Here’s part of the image, below. Ride ’em, Cowboy!!!!

Awwww, cute buzz cut! And the rest is rather nice, too...

Let’s hope this little nudie-pic moment doesn’t ruffle Levi’s feathers. You’re nobody on TV ’til you’ve had some full-frontal action out there! Now he joins the ranks of happily exposed gents like Ryan Kwanten, Colin Farrell, Tom Hardy. Score!

And just FYI… This T-shirt is wrong. He kinda veers to the right.

Levi Crocker Naked from Logo’s A-List Dallas [WeHo Confidential]