‘A-List New York’ Star Ryan Nickulas Covers ‘XEX Magazine’

Photo Cortesy of XEX

Photo Cortesy of XEX

Ryan Nickulas, salon owner and reality star, will be featured on the cover of this Sunday’s XEX Magazine. If you can’t wait that long to hear him dish about his career, his passions and his time on LOGO’s The A-List, you’ve come to the right place. And be sure to scroll down for a behind the scenes video of his XEX shoot.

Your career as salon owner and larger than life personality led you to reality television as one of the cast members of The A-List: New York, often labeled as the LOGO network’s envisioning of “The Housewives” franchise. What was the experience of being a part of a program that raised such high emotions amongst its viewers and critics?

I loved doing the show.  It was a great experience for me.  No matter what people think of the show, the cast (Derek, Mike, Austin, Reichen, Rodiney and I) who started that series will forever have an imprint in gay pop culture.

We were fans of The A-List New York cast, even though you guys were often called stereotypical & fashion obsessed, The A List: Dallas cast was far worse! What were your opinions on your Dallas counterparts?

There can only be one original. If you come in second … you must bring your “A” game… I felt bad for those boys. I know one of them was living out of a car while filming the show. Another almost checked into rehab. When you go on nation television faking the funk the audience can see it a mile away!

Along with your cast member Mike Ruiz you have been passionate about the Ali Forney Center. Are there any specific charities or causes that you feel passionate about?

My husband and I are involved with:  The Ali Forney Center, Green Chimneys, Gods Love We Deliver, and The Catalog for Giving,

You are definitely A-Listed! What do you have planned for yourself next? Is there more Reality Television in the works? Or are the cameras kicked out of your penthouse for good?

I will not say the cameras are kicked out for good.  But I did turndown the spin-off of the A List New York.  It was time for me to take a break … It’s been over a year since the final taping so I think I may be ready again …

Check out Ryan’s photo shoot here: