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A Man Is Rewriting The Bible To Undo Homophobic Language

"My intent is not to change meaning — that is, what I see as the fundamental truths of the text — but rather to show meaning in a queer way. "

It’s no secret that when homophobes spout their anti-gay rhetoric, they often reference the Bible to back up their bigoted beliefs.

But now one man is taking the matter into his own hands, by deciding to rewrite the Bible in a way that is “inclusive, celebratory and personal.”

Robert Whitehead has created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund “The Queer Bible,” his “reclamation, through translation, of the queer mythic potential of Biblical stories.”

“I want to make an inclusive, celebratory space within the text that undoes the implicit sexism, misogyny, heterosexism, hierarchical oppression, slut-shaming, etc. and reconstitutes the feminine, the queer, the outcast, the strange,” Whitehead wrote.

He added:

“I believe the Bible is a remarkable text. I admire the faiths founded on it. This project is in no way an argument against one religion or another. I am not working in theology, not attempting a queer evangelicalism — instead, I am working in the poetry, the language, the narrative technique, the myth, and the mystery of the Bible to determine how it can work in the context of queer theory, progressive politics, and contemporary poetry aesthetic. I am making a radical translation that is radically inclusive.”

Whitehead admitted that although he was raised Catholic, he is currently not religious. He says that as he began to understand his sexuality, he realized that that the Bible “was, in fact, fallible — it was failing me.”

He realized the famous text didn’t represent him, and more than that, condemned him, and led him to feel he was unable to appreciate the book’s teachings.

“My intent is not to change meaning — that is, what I see as the fundamental truths of the text — but rather to show meaning in a queer way,” he wrote.

The proposed changes would surely infuriate many religious people, but apparently there are many who are for the idea also, as his crowdfunding page racked up nearly $3,000 in just a few days.

Head to his Kickstarter page to check out a video he made introducing the project, and let us know what you think about the proposed Queer Bible in the comments below.

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