A Quarter Of Americans Wouldn’t Want To Be Friends With A Trans Person

And less than 20% would be open to dating someone who is transgender.

Even though 40% of Americans say they know someone who is transgender, a surprising number insist they wouldn’t want to be friends with them.

A YouGov survey found that 27% of respondents wouldn’t be open to befriending a trans person.

The same study found that nearly 40% believed being transgender is a choice, while more than one in five said it’s a mental illness.

When it comes to dating, the results are even more disheartening: An average of just 17% of respondents said they’d be open to dating a trans or nonbinary person, either casually or seriously. Fifteen percent said they would be open to “engaging in a sexual act of any kind” with a trans man or a nonbinary person, while only 13% said the same of transgender women.

Of the cisgender men open to a sexual relationship with a trans woman, 38% said they’d keep it a secret.

Amanda Edwards/WireImage

“The problem is that people disavow the womanhood of trans women so they assume the male partners are gay because they don’t accept us as women,” Laverne Cox told Attitude magazine in October.

“Men who are into trans women who want to keep us a secret and are afraid if someone thinks they are gay, they’re insecure as fuck,” added the Emmy-nominated actress. “If someone thinks you’re gay, gay is fabulous. Gay is amazing. There’s nothing wrong with that. Toxic masculinity is bullshit.”

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