A “True Blood” Musical Is Headed To Broadway

Welcome back to Bon Temps!

True Blood, the HBO supernatural soap opera that ran for seven sex-filled seasons, might be using its fangs to take a bite out of Broadway.

According to the New York Post, HBO is quietly developing a musical based on the series about vampires and other supernatural creatures who live among the humans in the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

true blood joe

Nathan Barr, who was the music supervisor for the series has also written the music for the stage version, and Elizabeth Scott-author of Living Dead Girl-wrote the book and lyrics. A recent workshop included a cast of Broadway vets such as Claybourne Elder (Broadway’s Bonnie & Clyde) and Ann Harada (Avenue Q).

Executive producer Alan Ball and series star Stephen Moyer are also reportedly attached to the production.

But the Post claims that the production could use some editing. At the reading the first act alone was 132 pages.

Let’s just hope they find time to include a musical number based on Jason’s gay sex dream:

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h/t: Out

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