Go Home for the Holidays With “Girl Night Stand” in Festive New Short

Out filmmaker Jenna Laurenzo continues to make the yuletide gay.

Thought you saw the last of Girl Night Stand? Think again.

Out actress-writer-filmmaker Jenna Laurenzo (Lez Bomb) is rekindling the magic with A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas, the latest installment of her sapphic short-film franchise. The heartwarming, five-minute flick revisits the romance between Katie (played by Laurenzo) and Sarah (Meryl Jones Williams), only this time, the backdrop is Sarah’s childhood home.

In a move right out of a John Cusack film, Katie shows up outside the house with a guitar to serenade Sarah. Naturally, her gift isn’t received as well as she planned, but don’t worry: The film’s adorable ending offers plenty of reason for celebration.

“With A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas, we wanted to create a little something that was a reminder to go share your love this holiday season,” said Laurenzo in a statement. “Any time I’ve held back from saying ’I love you,’ I’ve regretted it. Regret less, share more.”

The short is one of many queer-inclusive holiday films dropping this year. Earlier this month, Netflix released Single All the Way, the streamer’s first LGBTQ+ holiday rom-com. It’s received plenty of praise, and not just for Jennifer Coolidge’s scene-stealing role.

It’s not the first time Laurenzo has revisited the world of Girl Night Stand, either. Back in January, she released Girl Night Stand Chapter Two, an oh-so-relatable short about queer hookup culture in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. Logo even premiered the trailer for Chapter Two.

The original Girl Night Stand short premiered in 2016. In the years since, it has amassed a whopping 18 million views on YouTube.

Watch A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas in its entirety below.

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