A Woman Made An Art Exhibit Out Of All the Unsolicited D*ck Pics Guys Send Her

"There is no escaping the patriarchy."

Artist Whitney Bell’s latest exhibit features an array of dick pics she’s received from total strangers.

The exhibit, “I Didn’t Ask for This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics,” showcases over 150 unsolicited dick pics the artist has received in her lifetime. The photographs are displayed in a space meant to look like Bell’s bedroom in an attempt to juxtapose the unwanted and violent nature of the images with the warmly intimate setting of one’s private space.

“The dick pics will be displayed in an exhibition that feels like the inside of my home,” she writes on the Facebook page for the event.

“I want you to feel as if they are in someone’s private safe space, like you’ve been welcomed in, but that even in this space you are unsafe. That even in this warm comfortable environment they are still bombarded by male dominance and aggression. That there is no escaping the patriarchy.”

For Bell, the exhibit is not about penis-shaming or man-hating; rather, it is about control and agency.

In an interview with Vice, she explains, “I love a good dick. I just don’t love harassment. That’s what this needs to start being seen as. All of these dicks are unsolicited. They didn’t come from requests…I don’t want to see a dick from some guy I’ve never met, or someone I went on one date with when it’s not condoned.”

The exhibit also features work from thirty other artists, all of whom promote feminism and female empowerment in their work. In addition, there is a fempowered shoppe where patrons can buy “all the patches, pins, tees and zines of your grl pwr’d dreams.”

Check out the Facebook post below for more info and pictures of the exhibit!

h/t: Cosmopolitan

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