Aaron Ashmore’s Gay “Warehouse 13” Character

Aaron Ashmore as Warehouse 13’s Steve Jinks

Well, we finally have a solid reason… other than Eddie McClintock’s pecs… to follow Warehouse 13.

Actor Aaron Ashmore (Smallville’s Jimmy Olsen) and show creator Jack Kenny sat down with OUT to discuss Ashmore’s new character: ATF agent and human lie detector Steve Jinks.

Jinks has been recruited to the Warehouse 13 team because of his unerring ability to tell when people are lying. A nifty skill! Thanks to a suggestion by SyFy network execs, the character also happens to be gay. “It’s just a part of who he is, it doesn’t define the character.”

Don’t count on Jinks’ love life getting a major exploration right away. Says Ashmore, “These people’s lives are crazy trying to save the world, so there’s not a lot of time for love. I think when he interacts with some people, in the back of my mind as an actor, I’ll decide that he thinks a guy is cute. But it doesn’t play into how he does his job.”

Interestingly, Ashmore envisions his character as not really being “into muscles.” So tough luck, gym

Also interestingly, Warehouse 13 producer Jack Kenny says that first they looked for an Asian actor to
play the new gay character, but they never found anyone “that had
the right chemistry with our cast.”   

Check out the preview clip below. We’re thinking Ashmore has the requisite chemistry.

The new season of Warehouse 13 premieres Monday, July 11th on SyFy.